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The following was adopted by the TCA Convention in Austin, Texas, on April 26, 2017, as part of the National and State Affairs Committee policy resolution: "We encourage our members and their employees to make personal contributions to the Texas Cotton Association Merchants Fund, which is the political action committee of the TCA. These funds are used to assist candidates who understand and support the cotton industry in Texas." As you know it's very vital that we maintain a high profile with the legislators and other officials. Cotton needs legislators who will continue to defend our voice in a competitive market. It is necessary to build our PAC reserves in order to support candidates up for re-election, other campaigns and office holder expenses. TCA established a Political Action Committee in 1974 registered with the Secretary of the State of Texas and the Texas Ethics Commission in Austin to accept personal contributions from members of this Association and their employees. The funds collected are then distributed to provide financial campaign support to help elect or re-elect legislators and to also contribute to officeholder expenses for legislators supporting our goals. Your contribution will help! It will be combined with other member contributions for maximum effectiveness. The Cotton Merchants Fund requests that you please make your personal check payable (no corporate checks are allowed by law) to "The Texas Cotton Association Cotton Merchants Fund" and mail the completed form and check to this Association. Contributors to the PAC Fund will be recognized at the upcoming 107th Annual Convention of The Texas Cotton Association with a name badge PAC contributor ribbon to wear to all functions. Please support those who are our cotton voice! The PAC invites all TCA members and their employees and families, to support cotton’s supporters in Austin, by contributing to the Texas Cotton Association Merchants PAC Fund today! Please act now!

The Cotton Merchants Fund - General Purpose Action Committee - is now able to process your


Yes! In addition to your personal check, the Cotton Merchants Fund is now set up to process your personal credit card contribution. In order to maintain compliance with the Texas Ethics Commission, our GPAC may only accept personal credit cards or personal checks from members of our solicitable class, defined as members of this association and their family. We thank you in advance for supporting the Cotton Merchants PAC that supports those in our Texas Legislature that support Texas cotton and recognize the huge economic impact that Texas cotton provides our great state!