~ M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T ~


In partnership with other Texas agricultural groups, we uphold Texas as the nation's leader in agriculture, recognizing Texas cotton as the leading cash crop in our state and in U.S. cotton production. We provide our members with a platform of communication to benefit the movement of cotton, advocate and facilitate the formulation of trade policy, and furnish an autonomous arbitration system in Texas, to advance and protect the economic, political, and social interests of our members. 


~ O U R   M E M B E R S ~

"Our members merchandise the cotton produced by the many thousands of cotton growers in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Our members provide a ready market for the producers' cotton and maintain a steady supply of cotton for textile mills around the world. We underwrite the risk from the time and the place the producer elects to sell his product until the time the foreign or domestic customer requires delivery. It is our responsibility to deliver the cotton as efficiently and as economically as possible, and at the same time permit the producer to realize the maximum return for his effort. " 

authored by Jane Anne Stinnett and H.A. (Bob) Poteet